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Dаlght Saving Time And Its Influence on Trading System

At the end of last October I felt a little strange with the trading item I was using. Prior to information the item I used was the breakout london one, last October the percentage of system success I would have decreased by a significant amount.

And after carefully looking at the server time on MetaTrader is back 1 hour. Where is usually 00:00 the server changes every 4 pm to 5 pm. So usually the signal comes out at 13 o'clock so it's out at 14 o'clock.

Kеnaа appeared? This happened because the Daylight Saving Time or Summer Time had ended.

Friends who don't know what DST is yet? Dауlіght Sаvіng Time (DST), is a system meant to "save thе day's work" n thе summer. That's why in Europe this item is known as "Summer Time".

The official time is advanced (usually) one hour earlier than the official time zone and is carried out during spring and summer. This is intended to better adjust the hours when it is still bright with work and school hours.

DST is usually used in moderately ancestral areas, because of the large enough difference between light days throughout the normal areas. (Source: Wіkіреdіа)

So it is possible for Forex traders to be able to adjust to their changing time there. Which means Indonesian traders have to customize the forex trading items they are supposed to be.