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Trading is an activity that is now the mainstay of people who are looking for profit in a short time. The way it works is buying and selling using trading instruments. There are various types of legal trading in Indonesia, you can choose according to your needs.

Don't make the wrong choice of trading types. Here are various kinds of legal trading that can be used for promising returns.

1. Forex trading

Also known as forex trading is the activity of buying and selling using foreign currencies that apply throughout the world. You make a purchase in accordance with the foreign currency value at a certain time. Prices can change further down or up, depending on the forex market conditions at that time.

If you don't have a lot of capital, but want to start right away because the time is right, you can take advantage of a loan in the form of leverage. However, it must be remembered that leverage makes the risk of forex trading multiplied. You have to prepare the solution first. To be able to trade forex can only be carried out in the forex market. That means you need to register with a special forex broker that has been registered legally according to BAPPEBTI. Forex trading is suitable for those of you who work because it can be traded at any time, considering the forex market is constantly open.

2. Stock trading

stock trading is the activity of buying and selling using stock instruments. The transaction takes into account changes in share prices at a certain time. Stock prices tend to fluctuate, so sometimes you have to make quick decisions. You also need to pay attention to stock market conditions. Usually when the market is bearish, which is indicated by the value of the JCI in red, you can choose stocks whose prices are declining. However, do not just go down, yes, but it is predicted to increase soon.

You can wait for stock trading for a few days until the profit target is reached. However, if the stock price has not improved for months, you should sell at a loss. It will also prevent you from experiencing more severe losses.

3. Trading gold

There is also gold trading that does not require you to have physical gold. You make a gold transaction through an application that has been legally registered. You also don't have to bother carrying gold bullion everywhere. Simply deposit some funds as capital, you buy gold at a falling price, then sell it when the price is rising. Later when you feel that you have done enough transactions, the gold can be printed into physical form in an official place. Usually the agent you choose will provide information regarding genuine gold printing.

Gold is good for trading because of its stable price and being a global medium of exchange. This means that no matter where you are, exchanging gold into money in any country is legal.

4. Trading cryptocurrencies

The next type of trading that is often used is cryptocurrency trading. To do so you need to enter the cryptocurrency market. This means that you have to go through an intermediary through a special crypto broker. Crypto price fluctuations have both advantages and risks for traders. This digital currency can experience high price spikes, you can get abundant profits.

However, cryptocurrency prices can also plummet when the market is down. It makes traders and investors flock to sell their crypto. For this reason, you are required to pay attention to market conditions and set targets that are not too high so as not to get caught in a profit trap.

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