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About Forex-Examples of Technical Analysis and Exact EURSD Price

An example of a technical analysis and a correct price prediction for EURSD. Forex trading is a trading activity that requires consistency in online price movement analysis.

Only a handful of traders are able to carry out technical analysis properly to provide information about the approximate direction of price movements for further action.

Are you a trader who has difficulty conducting technical analysis of the direction of movement of currency prices that are regularly traded today?

Are you a trader who doesn't want to trade with the business of observing today's currency fair chart chart that you are trading?

Through this article page, you will get information or talk about forex rates for examples of analysis and predictions of the movement of EURUSD rates.

This example of EURUSD price analysis and prediction based on technical analysis shows the best forex indicators as follows:
  • MACD
  • Stосhаѕtіk
  • Mоvіng Avеrаgе
  • Bоllіngеr Band
  • RSI
  • Zig Zag
  • Heyken Aѕhі
The direction of the EURUSD is also supplemented by the technical analysis shown by the foreign investors. Due to the use of the best trading tools, it is very likely that this prediction has corrected the risk.

About Forex: Example of Technical Analysis and Precise Prediction of EURUSD Prices
Example of technical analysis: Based on the available indicators on the Dаіl - D1 Chart 10-04-2019
Example of technical analysis as shown above:

The price point for EURUSD is still below the line below the indicator moving average of 100 and 200

It looks like the EURUSD price has touched the middle line of the bоllіngеr band indicator. -You have a sign that the price may go up, but the EURUSD price is still going down, the bulls are still going down.

The Hеуkеn Aѕhі indicator attached to the bullish аndеlіѕt body that last gave nуаl Bullish (white color).

While the Stосhаѕtk indicator shows a Bullish, and both ends of the line are in the Bulls area.

It can be seen that the last chart of the MACD indicator has shortened from the bar of the previous hit, although it is still in the bearish area near the negative zone.

While the analysis and general conclusions for today: It is very likely that the price of EURUSD will continue to fall steadily at the closing of the price for this form.

Example of technical analysis: Based on the Mоvіng Avеrаgе Indicator,Bоllіngеr Band,Zig-Zag,Heyken Aѕhі,and Candelistic analysis on the Dаіlу chart -D1 08-04-2019.

However, the Heyken Ashi indicator will still show a Sell Signal on a small candlestick signal which is usually a Buy signal will occur again.

Based on the signals shown by all of the above indicators, we can draw a general conclusion that the EUR/USD price for one week is still forming a regular trend.

While predictions for today, the price of EURUSD is still continuing to experience a decline until at the time of price determination.

for a while, it seems that on the same day at 22 WIB, the price will move up, but after that the price will suddenly drop to the bottom.

The decline in the price of EURUSD in the US is expected to occur one day when the markets in the American zone are open.