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Can forex be made the main job?

Forex trading can indeed be done on the sidelines of spare time. But it doesn't become that simple if traders find income from trading forex more profitable. The temptation to leave other jobs is getting bigger. This will not be a problem if the trader has been able to support himself independently with income from stable and steady loss.

But what if a trader has been very tempted to leave his main job at the office or other business and devotes all of his time to forex even though he is still new to the world of forex (1 -2 years) and make forex your main job?

There are various answers to this, but the point remains the same and that is not possible if you are still at first and haven't been able to get a regular problem.

Forex is a form that has risks, like other business matters. So, it should be balanced with work that can generate regular regular income (eg monthly salary or business results at any given time). This can prevent total losses when traders have not been able to generate stable stable funds through forex. Some add that income from their main job other than forex can be additional capital.

What do you think?