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Here's How to Invest Long-Term Crypto

The way to invest in long-term crypto now tends to be more in demand because the value is greater in profits compared to short-term investment.

How to invest long term crypto

The value of the crypto currency itself is getting bigger and bigger every day, so it's not surprising that so many people want to own this crypto stock.

So, want to know the right way to invest in crypto? Take a good look at the reviews below:

How to invest long term crypto in 2022

Analyzing crypto projects

The first step that novice investors must take is to find valid information about the development of crypto assets.

You can start by finding out who the founder is and what the purpose of the project was launched, that way you will know a little more about what crypto is.

Analyzing how big the crypto asset enthusiasts are

The purpose of analyzing enthusiasts is to find out how much the value of this crypto coin is compared to other bitcoin assets.

This is intended for consideration when you want to start investing in this cryptocurrency stock.

Checking crypto stock security system

If you want to know how strong the security level of this stock is, you can enter the crypto coin community that exists around the world even in Indonesia itself, there are many similar communities.

But in fact, the security of this crypto asset has been proven because it has been secured with a roadmap & whitepaper system that contains token developer data in the future.

Well, after you understand the 3 tips above, it's time to start investing in long-term crypto.

Creating an account for crypto investments

Before creating an account, the first thing you have to do is find an investment broker, there are lots of brokers scattered all over the world.

However, you must be careful in choosing the broker you use to invest, look for a broker whose legality is clear and supervised by the OJK.

Conditions that must be prepared in creating an account:





After you complete the requirements above, the next step is to start registering at the broker you choose. Just follow all the directions provided, your account will be verified immediately, oh yes, the verification process usually takes 1x24 hours depending on the broker's provisions.

Top up account balance

Well, then you need to top up the balance to an active account like a wallet that you can use anywhere but the difference is in the form of an online wallet.

Later, if you have purchased crypto shares, your account balance will decrease by itself.

Start investing long term crypto

To start your investment, just open the dashboard of the broker you choose, if there is no crypto asset there, press the search menu and write "crypto".

At this stage you must be precise in determining the position when buying crypto stocks because that will determine how much profit you make on your investment. (we recommend positioning when the chart is down)

Why choose long term crypto investment?

Because long-term investments have a higher rate of return compared to short-term investments, even though it takes more time.

The main thing is:

Short-term investments get faster results but the profits are small

Long-term investment takes longer to get results but greater profits get.