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Beginner Cryptocurrency Play Rules To Get Profit

Crypto for beginners, of course, must also prepare various things. This way you won't do anything wrong and can make a profit.

As we all know, the investment trend in trading crypto assets has started to increase this year. This growth proves that crypto investing gives investors a lot of confidence. Even this time of year, there are still many novice investors who want to invest in cryptocurrencies.

In Indonesia, this type of investment is legal and reliable and can be traded through various media exchanges with an official list by the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (CoFTRA). 

For this reason, this article tries to help you understand and make the right investment decisions.

Learn How To Invest For Beginners

Recently, crypto investing has indeed become more advanced and growing. In fact, many investors are eyeing this investment because the profits are quite large.

However, not everyone can do it right away. Before investing, you must prepare various methods.

Encryption which is a digital asset whose function is to perform virtual transactions using only the Internet. This digital currency is very safe because it contains many secret codes.

This type of encrypted asset is different from traditional currencies. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized. In this way, neither party will act as an intermediary in the transaction.

Transactions are carried out directly by the two parties involved, namely the sender and the recipient. However, encrypted assets are still monitored within the encrypted asset system itself. 

After studying some explanations about crypto assets above, learn the rules of the crypto game for beginners to avoid mistakes. Please use the following simple method.

Understand Selected Crypto Assets

We must first understand the types of cryptocurrencies that are already circulating in the market. Once you understand each type, try to check if the asset of your choice is available.

Through this process of fundamental analysis, you can find out whether a crypto asset is rated too high or too low risk.

This process can be carried out such as analyzing various evaluation activities of economic, financial and other factors. This will affect the value of the asset.

Choose the Right Exchange

As a novice investor, cryptocurrencies don't seem easy. However, you don't need to panic. The next, equally important method is to choose an exchange (Exchange) to trade cryptocurrencies.

By doing this, you can safely make transactions. Currently there is a list of legal entities registered with CoFTRA, such as Tokocrypto.

Account Safety and Security Technology

The use of technology when trading crypto is also important. You can ensure security through a website that provides security testing information for Exchange globally.

In addition to choosing the best official exchange, make sure your chosen Exchange also has ISO 27001. The reason is, the security of the information it provides must also be officially registered with our Ministry of Communication and Information.

Understanding Candlestick Charts (Optional)

In addition, investors may also need to prepare for this. You also need to understand Candlestick technical analysis. Through correct technical analysis will generate investment profits from crypto trading.

In addition, there are no institutional regulations for crypto assets. It all depends on the transaction when buying and selling. These indicators can identify patterns and see buy and sell signals in the area around the candlestick.