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4 Ways to Get Bitcoin for Free and Fast

Now the development of technology is increasingly sophisticated and of course it is all designed to facilitate our daily activities.

One of the increasingly advanced technological developments is the development of transactions using digital money. As we know, now we can make transactions easily with just a smartphone. Even the technology is able to carry out transactions remotely, anytime and anywhere.

Examples include crypto assets or Bitcoin digital coins. Although there are many types of digital coins, each has its own advantages and functions. But the most popular today in the matter of digital coins is Bitcoin. This is because Bitcoin itself has advantages that other digital coins do not have.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency to date. Bitcoin itself was created in 2009 by someone who uses the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is a new way of conducting transactions (in cyberspace or online) directly without bank intermediaries.

Bitcoin itself uses a peer to peer (aka P2P) system. However this P2P system works without a single storage or administrator. Which is where the United States Department calls Bitcoin a decentralized currency.

To make transactions using Bitcoin digital money, we need a wallet address to accommodate these Bitcoin assets. And the entire history of transactions that have been carried out around the world will be recorded where the Bitcoin rests (blockchain). So all transaction records will be recorded in this blockchain.

4 Easy Ways to Get Free Bitcoin

As time goes by, the price of Bitcoin is now skyrocketing. This is what attracts investors to invest in Bitcoin crypto assets. When the Bitcoin market price is soaring high, that's when they make investments that will be very profitable.

But you don't think that investing in crypto (especially Bitcoin) is easy and legit. Why? Yes, because as mentioned earlier. That the price of Bitcoin digital coins and other cryptocurrencies cannot be confirmed. Which means that it can be expensive and it can drop very badly.

Regarding how to get Bitcoin, there are many ways you can get this Bitcoin crypto asset. And it becomes two parts or two types. The first part or type is by buying Bitcoin directly according to the market price. And the second way is by way of free.

In this article, I will discuss the two methods. Whether it's by buying directly or in other ways that do not require a fee. Check out the full explanation of how to get free Bitcoin easily below.

If you want to get straight to the point (how to get Bitcoin for free), just click here.

Buying Bitcoin

The safest, fastest and most recommended way is to buy it directly without doing any tasks. Although this Bitcoin transaction is not supported by any government or central bank, it does not mean that Bitcoin should not be traded.

And Bitcoin can also be exchanged for traditional currencies. So you don't have to worry that Bitcoin can't be exchanged into traditional currencies.

For those of you who want to have this Bitcoin crypto asset by buying it directly, I have a little information as well as a recommendation for where to buy Bitcoin at the best price among the market prices. Here are some places you can try to buy Bitcoin at the best price:


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The price of crypto assets offered on the Zipmex platform or application is also very affordable and it can be said that the price offered is the best price compared to market prices. Besides being good for buying crypto assets, Zipmex is also suitable for those of you who like trading and investing.

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